Hassle-free, header bidding platform for publishers.

Publishers from all over the world rely on Valuad to help them focus on what matters. Boost your revenue with confidence thanks to our algo-based header bidding technology.

It’s as easy as adding a single line of code.

Trusted by 100+ premium publishers, including:

Why Valuad?

Real-time Reporting

Robust and transparent unified dashboard with real-time metrics, available 24/7 from your mobile or desktop.

Lightweight Code

Enjoy a simple integration, using a single line of code. Out-of-the-box support for multiple formats, sizes and screens.

High-Quality Demand

Loaded with more than 20 premium, high quality demand partners to ensure we're getting the highest results for each of your ad units.

Dedicated AdOps

Our dedicated team of AdOps experts will monitor your inventory and make sure you leverage the full potential of it.

Loaded with the leading demand partners in the world.

We’ve partnered up with over 20 high quality, premium demand partners to ensure we’re getting the highest results for each and every ad unit on your website.

Your revenue growth is our bread and butter ✌

We’ve built Valuad with ad operations in mind to become your one-stop-shop for custom monetization, so you can focus on creating quality content and ongoing business growth.

From initial onboarding and configuring ad-serving code, to connecting demand partners and optimizing ad layouts,  we ensure your ads are running as efficiently and effectively as they can.

Ready to get started?

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